The Anole

Annie R.U.OK. Vermeulen - Annie is a green anole lizard. She was a feeder and my daughter didn't want her to end up as someone's dinner so now she lives with us. She enjoys hanging upside down, basking on her rock and being misted. Crickets are no match for her quickness. She may be small but packs a punch and a lot of personality. She often wonders about life's big questions, who are we, where did we come from, what is love and when the next round of crickets is coming.

The Birds

From left to right - A.J. Finchie, Finch Balor, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. A.J. Finchie & Finch Balor are Zebra finches. A.J. Finchie is very vocal and love to mock my poor life decisions. Finch Balor enjoys singing in the morning, making nests and millet. Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy are society finches. Matt loves millet, taking 21 baths in a day and drying off on A.J. Finchie. Jeff Hardy enjoys 10 baths in a day, millet, millet and more millet. They are an active bunch and sure make a mess for such tiny birds. Birds are something I never thought I would have but they we're the best mother's day gift I could of asked for. I always have had bird feeders in my yard and close to my windows to bird watch. I'm not sure why I thought I would never get them as a pet. I really enjoy waking up and hearing them every morning and watching them take baths. They really help my stress levels and anxiety by just sitting and watching them. They are not in our pet room and placed away from the noise and possible stress of our other pets.  

The Cats

Midnight Zuul Vermeulen - Midnight was born on or around April 20th, 2015. He is our first and oldest cat. Midnight was brought into our home on July 2nd under sad circumstances. He was born in our neighborhood to a cat across the street, this cat's owners just let their cats breed and have their kittens outside. Just leaving enough food out for them from time to time and not providing any water or shelter for their cats. Midnight was severely dehydrated, crawling with fleas and under weight when we took him in. Our old neighbor's didn't care who took the kittens, they were "just glad they we're gone". Animal services did soon step in and reduce their number of cats along with fixing the adults. Midnight is at his best when he is left alone to sun bath in our bay windows or stalking his baby cat brother. He is a very quiet cat unless it's 30 seconds past dinner time. He loves his magic 8 - ball cat nip toy and can be often found tossing it to himself in the middle of the night. He is loving, but only on his terms. He must want pets and come to you. Midnight also enjoys killing mice and displaying their bodies in front of my office door way on my 29th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Malfoy Madden Vermeulen - Malfoy was born June 5th 2015. He is our second and youngest cat. He is the oddest cat I have ever met or known. Malfoy became a part of our family due to an opps litter that happen down the block from us. Our neighbor made sure each kitten had a good home before they we're ready to go. He keep us updated and made sure he was ready to leave his mom. Compared to our other pets, Malfoy has had an easy and loving life since before he was born and it shows in his personality. He is very kind and trusting. He loves anyone and everyone who comes to our door and we often joke that if he was a human child he would of been kidnapped by now. Malfoy is extremely vocal and it sometimes sounds as if he is saying the words "oh no", "ma ma" and "I'm alone". Malfoy's favorite spots are his fish shaped hide away (which he's too big to fit in so he sleeps on top), the cat tower (on the part where he hardly fits) and the back of the couch. He is extremely loving and loves to cuddle and be pet. Malfoy also enjoys randomly running for his life in the middle of the night, into walls and other objects due to the apparent ghosts that haunt him and only him. Stay woke Malfoy, stay woke.

The Dogs


Max A. Millon Vermeulen - Max was born June 1st 2015. He is the oldest of our two dogs.