Inside the shell: Hermie’s Kitchen’s order process

I know a lot of people have been wondering what happens the second you click “submit order” so I wanted to take a bit of time to explain what happens from mouse click to your mail box.


The Mouse Click:

Once you are done shopping and submit your order, I will normally get a notification on my phone and/or tablet. I look over the order and make sure I have everything in stock and also take note of where you are ordering from to make sure all the items you have ordered are able to ship to that country. If there are any notes for a special request I make sure to write them down.


Before The Order Is Made:

I do orders in groups each day and go shopping weekly to pick up what each order needs. I do have some things on hand like seeds and nuts, but I do weekly shopping for produce. Once I am done shopping, I sort out which items need to be dehydrated first based on two things: how long they take and which orders need to go first. Orders are done in the order they are received, unless a customer has paid for rush shipping.

Some items like cookies and bars may require dehydration of parts of the cookie/bar, mixing, baking and then going on the dehydrator.



Once the foods are washed and placed on the trays, I have timers set for when that food will be done. When they are dried, I let them cool for an hour. Once the foods are done, they will either go right into a mason jar or be made into a mix, then placed into a mason jar.


Making Of Your Order:

A day before they are shipped, I start prepping your order. First I print the shipping labels, then find which sized shipped bag they will need. I put any fragile or do not bend stickers or stamps on at this point. Going in order, I start writing out food labels and making note of what size bag is needed for the food. Once this is done, it’s finally time to bag your food items. Once bagged and labeled, I then prepare the drawstring bags which hold your food, business cards, free sticker and any other announcements that I add into your bag. Fragile items and prints are packaged. Then everything is finally placed into the shipping envelope. The envelope is then sealed, and has a thank you sticker place on it.


Your order is shipped out the next morning via usps.