Q - How long does my order take to ship?
A - 1 to 2 weeks unless other wised stated. (Examples – free shipping weekends or holiday times mid-October to December)
Q - Why does it take so long for you to ship?
A - Please click here, it explains how all my food is made.
Q - Is it true you have a stock pile of mason jars and can ship quicker than what your times say?
A - Yes, we do have a lot of mason jars in our shop space. Most mason jars are filled with seeds, grains, seaweeds and other items that our shop needs to make mixes fresh. We can these items to make sure they stay fresh instead of sitting in a re-closable bag. Things like produce, meats and bakery items are not stored in these jars until the mixes are made the day before your items ship. We also keep food for our other pets in this area (we have 24 hermit crabs, 5 rats, 1 hedgehog, 1 betta, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 anole and 4 birds) as it's easier to have one food prep and storage area for than two in our house. As for shipping quicker, we also do have a family and lives outside of working. Pete works a 40 plus hour work week along with military duties and Lacey mainly runs Hermie's Kitchen along with running the house, child care, pet care and co owns the largest hermit crab group on Facebook. Running this store isn't as simple as throwing food into a bag and we hope that our customers understand this. :)
My stock pile and myself.
Q - Is all your food organic?
A - 90% of our food is organic, the foods that are not are noted in our food source list. All food is natural and not from a can or processed source.
Q - Where do you buy your food supplies?
A - Click here for a full list. During the spring, summer and fall months I buy our produce from our local farmer's market. On the off season we buy from Wegmans.
Q - Do you do custom orders?
A - Yes, I do. Just contact me with what you would like.
Q - How big are the sample packs?
A - 1 x 1 inch.
Q - Where can I get good advice about hermit crab care?
A - Hermit Crab Owners on Facebook. I'm an admin on there!
Q - Do you do giveaways?
A - Yes I do! Follow Hermie's Kitchen on Facebook and join Hermit Crabs Owners on Facebook for contests and giveaways.