10 Sample Pack │ Hedgehog
Meal Topper 1
Meal Topper 2
10 Sample Pack │ Hedgehog
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10 Sample Pack │ Hedgehog

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10 sample packs of hedgehog foods! Sample bags are 1 x 1. This is a must have food pack if you are new to our shop to get an idea of what your heggie will like.

This Sample Pack Includes -
▸We're On Good Worms Mix
▸Don't Be A Prick Mix
▸Dressed to Quill Mix
▸You Gotta Be Chitin Me
▸Meal Topper 1
▸Meal Topper 2
▸Meal Topper 3
▸Red Mealworms
▸Super Worms

What's In Each Mix -
▸We're On Good Worms Mix - hornworms, red mealworms, mealworms, super worms  and wax worms.
▸Don't Be A Prick Mix - Meal worms, super worms, Dubia Roaches and wax worms.
▸Dressed to Quill Mix - beef liver, chicken egg, chicken, smelt and herring.
▸You Gotta Be Chitin Me - Meal worms, crickets, krill, grasshoppers, red shrimp and river shrimp.
▸Meal Topper 1 - meal worms, red meal worms, crickets and grasshoppers.
▸Meal Topper 2 -  - super worms, dubia roaches, krill and grasshoppers.
▸Meal Topper 3 - butterworms, waxworms, crickets and super worms.
▸Red Mealworms
▸Super Worms

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