Shop Updates And Questions

Hello everyone!

I thought we would do a bit of an update here as there's been many questions lately on where we are taking our small business.

Update number one - we are redoing a bunch of our older pictures. Some of our older products have pictures from 2015 and don't good as great as they should. The products are not changing just the pictures!

Now and then

Update number two -  we are working on more non food items for small animals like rats and hedgehogs. Our customers have requested this and so they shall have it!

Update number three - We are working on a merch line! Our customers have requested this and once again so they shall have it! This may take awhile to come out but we do have hermit crab themed items (like coffee cups and tumblers) up right now. Items with Chef Hermie will be coming out as requested as well. We're aiming for the late summer or early fall on this.


Question one - Do you plan on having a physical store?

Answer - Yes we do. This is a future plan of ours. We have looked into some locations but nothing has fit our needs yet. We're planing for this to happen in about 2 to 3 more years so stay tuned.

Question two - Are you going make a main diet hedgehog food?

Answer - We plan on making more meal toppers options. Hedgehog diet is a tricky subject as their whole diet is not known, we do know that they do eat bugs and lots of them. These meal toppers can go right into their main diet and helps boost their nutrition.

Question three - Do you plan on making more rat treats?

Answer - Yes we do! There's a lot of rat things we're working on right now.

Question four - Why do you have such long wait times still?

Answer - We have a high volume of orders (55 to 150 orders a week) with only 2 people doing the work (Myself full time and my husband part time). We also do have a family and a house full of rescue animals :) As we grow, we do plan on hiring extra help. Owning this shop is so much more than placing items in a bag, there's marketing, inventory, customer service, just to name a few things. I alone work a 12 hour day just to keep our shop up and running.

Inside The Shell (Our Shop's Process)

Question five - What other animals are you going to sell items for?

Answer - We're currently researching other small animal diets. We want to make sure we know their care, diets and habits inside and out before selling anything else.

Question six - I love you hermit crab care guide, are you making ones for other pets?

Answer - Yes we are! We are currently working on a rat care guide with plans for other pets.

Question seven - What pets do you have?

Answer - They have their own page!

I hope this answered a lot of questions! If you have any others, please comment below!


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