Hermie's Kitchen's 7th Birthday! 2022

Holy crab! Hk will be 7 years old March 1st! Read on for the details.

Our big sale will run March 1st to the 8th.

You can win a coffee mug (on Etsy) or a tote (on our main website) loaded with goodies on March 1st 12:00 AM EST (so the night of February 28th going into the day of March 1st)

Free shipping over $25, codes will be posted on February 28th

• 20% off our whole website, 25% off birthday items
• Orders over $30 will get a free small bag of food. *
• Orders over $60 will get a free medium bag of food. *
• Orders over $80 will get a free large bag of food. *
• Orders over $100 will get a free extra large bag of food. *
• A chance to win a $10 gift cards daily. * (gift cards will be given out March 9th via email.)
• Any orders over $20 before shipping will get 3 free samples. *
• All orders of any size will receive a free treat for the humans and a free treat for your pets. Deals marked with a * will not show up in your cart. Chef Hermie will
automatically add these to your orders when they ship.

Birthday collection will be up from February 15th to March 31st


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