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I guess this will be mostly a vent post about how I currently feel about the state of Etsy and where it is going, followed by a video about changes to our Etsy shop.

I have been extremely sad over the changes in pricing on Etsy. I have been on Etsy in some form since 2013 and to see what it was become is heart breaking. Now it seems like they are getting all the money they can out of small shops like myself and allowing non handmade items on their sites just to turn a profit. This is not the Etsy I have known and loved. What is the most heart breaking to me is how they handled it. A month's notice and hardly any response from them to the many shops on their website. I do understand they are a business and looking to turn a profit but they have strayed so far away from what people loved about them and what made them original.

With that being said, I will still sell on Etsy for my fan following and new customers on there. I did however remove over 100 listings and now unfortunately shipping prices had to be raised. Here on Hermie's Kitchen you will still have the cheap shipping and even more products than what I have listed on Etsy. Plus, discounts and rewards.

Here is the video explaining everything, thank you.

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Hannah McCoy

Hannah McCoy

Are you going make a main diet hedgehog food?

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