Crabmas In July 2021

Crabmas in July will run from July 24th to July 31st. Here are the details and giveaways.

Giveaway & deals start 07/24 12:00 AM EST

Our first customer on to order after midnight will receive a free tote bag with free samples and other items inside.

Our first customer on Etsy will receive a 30 oz tumbler (made by CrabbyRezCreations) with free samples inside.

The next 5 orders on both sites will receive a small bag of food. The next 10 orders after that will receive a 5 pack of samples.

Free Shipping until 07/31 11:59 PM EST

Free shipping for all domestic (USA). For our international customers there will be a 5 dollar off code. Both codes will be posted at 11:50 PM EST. Orders for these codes must be over $25.

Our Other Deals

•    20% off our whole website, 25% off of Crabmas items
•    Any orders over $25 before shipping will earn 3 free samples. *
•    Orders over $35 will earn a free small bag of food. *
•    Orders over $60 will earn a free medium bag of food. *
•    Orders over $85 will earn a free large bag of food. *
•    Orders over $105 will earn a free extra large bag of food. *
•    Random winner daily for $10 digital gift card.
•    All orders of any size will receive a free treat for the
humans and a free treat for your pets.

Deals marked with a * will not show up in your cart. Chef Hermie
will automatically add these to your orders when they ship.

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