Coronavirus Update

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and staying safe! We just wanted to update you on what's happening with HK.

Yes, we are still open! We don't have plans to close. Everything is business as normal or as normal as we can.

We are still shipping within our 1 to 2 week processing time, times are closer to the 2 week mark. Please remember that during this time I am also homeschooling our child, while my husband is working.

We have been very lucky that our stores have not run out of anything fresh but if the time comes when they do, we will contact you about what you would like in place of that item.

We have a 20% collection on our basic items for those who are in need. This is right on our front page. If you need help, please reach out!


Thank you all for reading. Wishing you all good vibes and safety in this trying time.

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