Hello all,

Chef Hermie as been receiving many messages and emails about the affect Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will have on mailing out packages and staying open.

Mail & Disruption

All packages are being mailed out as planned. We have over 100 from Etsy and this website going out on Saturday, Monday & Tuesday from our birthday sale. All packages that are mailing out on these dates should have their tracking via email or Facebook.

You cannot get COVID-19 from packages or your mail. Please see the following link from the CDC.


We are continuing to ship out within our normal time frames. If there is a disruption of mail (we ship out using USPS), we will hold off on making those orders until there is a confirmed date of when service will resume. Your food will still be made fresh as always. If a mail disruption does happen, we will update you via this blog post on our website.

Staying Open & Cleaning Supplies

Are we staying open? Shell to the yes. Hermie's Kitchen will stay open for you to order food and treats for your animal family members. We are still running our store as normal. If there is a power outage, like always, we will keep you updated.

One of Chef Hermie's humans is in the military, if he is activated and can not help to get out our orders, we will keep you updated on the changing processing times. I hope you can all understand and support us if this does happen. We do have some family as back up that are willing to come up and help if travel is safe at that time. As it will be very hard with just one human, a preteen and a house full of pets to run a shop that gets hundreds of orders monthly.

As for the worry of being able to clean everything, before COVID-19 we always had a stockpile of cleaning supplies. Chef Hermie's human, likes things clean (her husband is probably laughing and saying this is an understatement) . We are stocked up for months and ready to go.

I hope this blog helps you to feel better and safer in these times. We know pets are family and we want to keep your family in stock with food & treats. We will keep going until we can't go no more. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.


Update 03/15/2020

Hello all! Our child's school has just closed classes. So I will be homeschooling and doing orders for the next month. Expect a day delay but with her home I have an extra set of hands on on board. I will keep everyone updated as we buy next week's fresh foods. Hopefully the stores will not be wiped out. *crosses pinchers*

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Rose Inlow

Rose Inlow

LOVE your shop! Welcome to homeschooling! Here is a awesome resource webpage I used a lot when we home educated our kiddo. http://onlypassionatecuriosity.com/free-homeschool-list/ Good luck and stay safe.

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