Black Friday 2019 Sale Details
*Note this is just information about Black Friday this sale doesn't start until 11/29/19*
Here is the information about our annual Black Friday sale. The sale starts at midnight (Eastern time, so the night of Thanksgiving) 11/29. 10 minutes before midnight or sooner (so 11:50 PM 11/28) I will post the free shipping code here to our group and to all of Hermie's Kitchen's social media. the first customer to check out after midnight strikes will win a tote bag (on our website) and/or a coffee mug (on Etsy) filled with goodies. The next 5 orders will win a pen and then the next 10 orders after that will win a 5 pack of samples.

There are a 3 day free shipping and Crabmas bundles categories added to just our website, in order to get the free shipping to work on these items or deals to work on other items, these have to be checked out separately and alone. You will not be able to use the free shipping discount with these in your cart with other items. These items will be up until sold out or until Jan 1st.
I hope this explains everything. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

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